Sunnyacres Farm
Contact: Larry and Lora Wardrip
Address: 11882 Sunny Acres Rd Nelson, MN, 56355
Email Address:
Phone: 320-304-5106
About Us
Sunnyacres Farm is located near Belle River, Minnesota and is operated by Larry and Lora Wardrip. Sunnyacres raises beef cattle and grows vegetables, forage crops and non-GMO feed grains.
Our farm is 100% non-GMO. We utilize minimum tillage and other sustainable farming practices. Crop rotation and natural fertilizers keep our soils healthy.

We do not use antibiotics or growth hormones on any of our animals. We believe in free ranging cattle and healthy cow/calf environments. Our beef are pastured-raised and 100% grass-fed until the last four weeks of finishing when they are fed a small amount of grain.