Fruitful Seasons Dairy
Contact: Marv and Kathy Hoffman
Address: 7917 Co Rd 4W SW Alexandria, MN, 56308
Email Address:
Phone: 320-283-5134
About Us
We have a small family farm near Alexandria, MN. We have about 15 Jersey cows that are 100% grass-fed. We craft raw milk aged cheeses on the farm during the summer pasture months.
We also have pasture raised chickens for meat, free range chickens for eggs, whey fed pork and grass fed beef. Vegetables, fruits are available in season.
Only organic methods - No chemicals - striving for healthy soil life -Cows are 100% grass fed with Redmond's Real salt, organic kelp, and organic mineral supplements. - no hormones - no antibiotics, no GMO's. Chickens eat soy-free, transitional organic grain. Spring through fall, some chickens totally free-range and others are in an "egg-mobile" - a large fenced in area in the pasture that is moved every 3-4 days. Joel Salatin style. Pigs are fed mostly whey with organic quality garden produce and sometimes transitional organic barley and swine feed.