Young Oak Ranch
Contact: Mae Petrehn
Address: 9630 270th Ave NW Brooten, MN, 56316
Email Address:
Phone: 913-707-7723
About Us
I live on the prairie hills of NW Kandiyohi County-20 minutes south of Glenwood, MN. Mae has extensive experience grazing animals and are trying to grow a sustainable farm operation. I raise Dorper-cross sheep, which are a 'hair' sheep that shed their coat seasonally, and are bred for their hardiness and excellent meat quality and high carcass yield. They tend to have milder flavor than more wooly breeds. We also raise Highland/ Angus cross cattle.

All of my animals graze exclusively from April-November.

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Mae has advanced training in grazing management and low stress stockmanship and I pride myself in handling techniques used to move animals on pasture. When pasture is available I rotate animals often to ensure the prairie pastures thrive. In the cold months I supplement with locally raised alfalfa, clover and grass hay, and sometimes oats and barley if needed for finishing or due to harsh weather.