Sundogs Prairie Farm
Contact: Stephen and Megan Henry
Address: 10737 Burn Rd NW Brandon, MN, 56315
Email Address:
Phone: 320-491-6041
About Us
Sundogs Prairie Farm is a small diverse family farm located north of Brandon, MN. We raise primarily mixed vegetables, pasture raised chickens. We use sustainable methods in our farming and only organic inputs and management. Our beleif in the deep-rooted connectedness of all the different types of life on our farm, from the microbiology in our farming soil to the wildlife in our restored prairie and including our family's impact on and off the farm, has lead us to develop and implement our own form of permaculture. We hope to add more perennials in our near future to further this idea. Thank you for supporting local farmers! We are very happy to be able to grow nutrient dense, delicious tasting food for our customers.
Polyculture, organic methods- non certified, permaculture, pasture and grass fed animals, humane animal handling, high tunnels, green manures, cover cropping, perenials